We pride ourselves on not only offering reallyyy reasonable prices, but a great investment too! Your styling is an added investment to your day, not only for your guests to experience but also in your photographs, that will last forever!

Booking with Princess Occasions, you will be getting some of the best styling and decor throughout East Midlands, and also the services that come with it too;

how much does a wedding stylist cost?

A personal showroom experience, (twice!) with hundreds of props to look at! The array of different styling themes to inspire your creativity! The cosy snug atmosphere with tea and biscuits, which provides the perfect relaxed area to allow our creative juices to flow! A chance to see your table set up before the wedding day (and more tea and biccies for your second appointment!)

You will have 4 Princess brains with 7 years experience in the wedding industry. This allows us to know where to source the highest quality props, the perfect coloured dusty blue violet vintage french grey lavender candle (!) and the correct weight of chiffon to ensure for perfect draping! Our expertise in everything wedding related! A source of advice throughout the duration of your wedding planning! Our knowledge of local venues and suppliers! Your own personal Pinterest board with our creative input, not to mention access to all of our social media platforms for daily inspiration! And of course, most importantly, the perfect execution of your styling and decor on the day!

Chair Cover (alone) £2.50
Chair Cover & Lace Sash £3
Chair Cover & Taffeta Sash £3.25
Chair Cover & Hessian Sash £3.25
Chair Cover, Hessian & Lace Sash £4.25
Chair Cover, Taffeta & Lace Sash £4.25
Chair Cover, Chiffon Hood & Ruffle Sash £4.50
Chair Cover, Chiffon Hood & Taffeta Sash £4
Chair Cover & Lace Hood £3.50
Chair Cover, Lace Hood & Taffeta Sash £4
Chair Cover, Lace Hood & Hessian Sash £4.25
Chiffon Hood & Ruffle sash (alone) £4
Lace Hood (alone) £3
Chair Drape with Ribbon £4
Weaved Chair Drape £5.25
Organza Sash (alone) £2.25
Lace Sash (alone) £2.25
Hessian Sash (alone) £2.75
Taffeta Sash (alone) £2.75
Hessian & Lace Sash in double bow (alone) £3.50
Taffeta & Lace Sash in double bow (alone) £3.50
Sash Brooch £1.50
Sash flower £1.50
Organza/Hessian/ Taffeta Table Runner £5
Sequin Table Runner £7.50
Chiffon Long Table Runner £10
Guaze Long Table Runner £10
Scalloped Lace Runner £10
Sequin Table Cloth £45
Registrar/Cake Table/Top Table Swag £40
Staircase Draping £45

(We can combine a mixture of all centrepieces, so just ask! Also please note that all of our greenery is 100% real, but flower heads are high quality faux ones! If you want real florals pleaseeeeee ask your florist!)

Cylinder Vase Centrepiece - (a selection of varying height cylinder vases with pillar candles, tea lights and greenery intertwined) £40

Rustic Hoop Centrepiece - (a main vessel of your choice (vase/jug/terrarium etc) with a mixture of real greenery and faux flower heads spilling out, gin bottle with pheasant feathers, candlesticks and bottles with single stems) £50

Perspex cube Centrepiece - (perspex cube with calligraphy table number, main vase with a mixture of real greenery and faux flower heads and a selection of candlesticks and tea lights) £45

Candelabra  - (available in gold, silver or copper with mirror plate and ivory candles provided) £40

Classic Vintage Centrepiece - (stacked old books, jars with a mixture of real greenery & faux flower heads, vintage bottles with single stems, cup & saucer and a vintage key with luggage tag) £40

Rustic Centrepiece - (galvanised jug/hexagonal lantern/gin bottles on tree trunk slice with a mixture of real greenery & faux flower heads, brass candlesticks, vintage bottles with single stems, pinecones, moss & a selection of woodland animals) £40

Vintage Tea Party Centrepiece - (tree trunk slice, stacked old books, teapot with a mixture of real greenery & faux flower heads, brass candlesticks, vintage bottles with single stems, cup & saucer with flower head and pocket watch) £40

Mercury Glass Centrepiece - (a selection of mercury glass vases with a mixture of real greenery & faux flower heads, a selection of varying height mercury candlesticks and votives with greenery intertwined) £50

Bell Jar Centrepiece - (stacked old books, large bell jar, single stem faux rose, cup & saucer and a vintage key with tag) £30

Succulent Fishbowl - (mirror plate, decorative stones, mini succulents and greenery) £30

Martini Glass - (mirror plate and large artificial ivory rose ball) £40

Glass beaded charger plates £3
Table Top Ornate ‘Welcome’ Mirror £35
Large Ornate Plain Mirror £35
Large Ornate Written Table Plan Mirror £85
Small Cylinder Vase £5
Medium Cylinder Vase £8
Large Cylinder Vase £10
Empty Glass Jug £7.50
Empty Martini Glass £15
Empty Fishbowl £7.50
Empty Bell Jar £15
Cut Glass Votive £1.50
Gold, Silver or Rose Gold Mercury Glass Votive £2
Gold, Silver or Rose Gold Mercury Glass Small Vase £3
Gold, Silver or Rose Gold Mercury Glass Candlestick £3
30cm Mirror Plate £5
Empty Bon Bon Jar £10
Hanging glass jam jar with LED tea light £3 
Hanging glass bauble with LED tea light £4
Milk Bottle & Paper Straw £3
Large Glass Vase with Gold Rim £10
Medium Glass Lanterns £7.50
Large Glass Lanterns £10


Donut Wall
Small (50 donuts) £150
Medium (75 donuts)  £225
Large (100 donuts) £300

Candy Buffet
Cinderella Package (100 - 125 guests) £175
Belle Package (75 - 100 guests) £150
Snow White Package (50-75 guests) £125

Candy Dresser
Belle Package (75 - 100 guests) £175
Snow White Package (50-75 guests) £150

Candy Cart
Cinderella Package (100 - 125 guests) £250
Belle Package (75 - 100 guests) £225
Snow White Package (50-75 guests) £200

(available on wood, chalkboard, clear or painted perspex)
Standard Welcome Sign £30
Standard ‘Choose a Seat Not a Side’ Sign £30
Standard Dance Floor Rules Sign £30
Personalised Welcome Sign £55
Personalised ‘Choose a Seat Not a Side’ Board £55
Personalised Dance Floor Rules Board £55
Personalised Table Plan £85
Standard Written Scroll £45

Written Floating Frame with Greenery Table Number £7.50
Written Perspex Table Number £5
Ornate Table Number Frame (without insert) £5 
Wooden Calligraphy Table Number £3
Wooden Table Number Block £3
Hessian Jam Jar Table Numbers £4
Kraft Card Table Numbers £1
Rustic Wooden Holder (without insert) £3 
Crystal Holder (without insert) £3

Large Rustic Arch £200
Suitcase £10 each
Crates £5 each
Styled Stepladders £40
1940’s Typewriter (display only - not working) £25
1970’s Typewriter (display only - not working) £25
Styled Vintage Dresser £60
Standard Wooden Direction Post £55
Decorated Jam Jar £2
Vintage Bottle £1.50
Vintage Jug £5
Old Books £1.50
Empty Birdcage £5
China 3 Tier Cake Stand £7.50
China Cup & Saucer £5
China Teapot £7.50
Mini Pocket Watch £1
Alarm Clock £3
Brass Teapot £4
Brass Candlestick £3
Vintage Key with Tag £2
Woodland Stag/Hare/Squirrel £4
30cm Tree Trunk Slice £5
Wooden Mr & Mrs Blocks £10
Wooden Date Cubes £5
Large Milk Churn £30
Large Tree Trunk Cake Stand £30
Vintage Telephone Table £50
Large Peacock Chair £40
Small Peacock Chair (childs) £25
Large Vintage Trunk £40
Floor Standing Ornate Frame with String & Pegs £35
Wellies £5
Rustic Door With Frames £65
Drinks Dispensers £10
Personalised Order of the Day Pallet/Board £85
Blankets Crate & Sign £40
CARDS Suitcase £25
CARDS Crate £25
Kids Tipi £30

Neon Sign and Mesh Wall ‘All You Need is Love’ £150
Bike Wheels £55
Flower Wall £250
5’6 Blossom Tree £45
Royal Mail Postbox £40 
Perspex Cards Box £25
Copper Backdrop Frame £75
Copper Backdrop Frame with Lace/Chiffon Curtain and Foliage £150
Copper Backdrop Frame with Scroll and Foliage £175 / Personalised £200
Copper Backdrop Frame with Ribbon Garland £125
Copper Backdrop Frame with Chiffon Draping £150
Copper Backdrop Frame with laser cut Wording £150 / Personalised £175
Hoop with Laser Cut Names and Ribbon Garland £175
Wishing Well £40
Pair of Bay Trees £40
Wishing Tree & Sign £35
Table Top Wire LOVE sign £15
Red Carpet £50
LOVE Balloons £65
Hanging Paper Lanterns £4
Confetti Cones £3
Bunting £4 per meter
Large Wooden Table Top Initials £40
Photo Booth Props £55
Ornate Easel £40
Coloured Dinner Candles £3 each

Starlit Backdrop £200
Starlit Top Table Swag £65
Giant Light up LOVE letters £100
Rustic Giant Light up LOVE letters £150
Table Top Light Up Initials £40
Twinkle Lights £15 per hundred
Festoon Lights £4 per meter 
Rustic Light Up BAR Letters £35
Sparklers with tag £3
Circus Light Up ‘&’ £10