Helllllloooooo and welcome to Princess Occasions! We are a styling, decor and prop hire team, based in Melton Mowbray and deliver stunning venue styling throughout Leicestershire and East Midlands. We are willing to travel, so please do get in touch even if your venue is out of our normal area! (exotic locations also welcome!)

Our team consists of me, Charlotte and my team of gorgeous head Princesses; Nat, Nush and Rach! Our Melton Mowbray showroom (aka. Our Princess Palace!) offers an opportunity for you to visit us, chat about your wedding day and take a look at our extensive range of props!

After 7 years in business and styling hundreds of weddings, we are incredibly proud to have earned a great reputation in our industry! Take a look at our gallery to see some of our previous work and the kind of Princess magic we can style for your day too!

I just so happened to fall (graciously and effortlessly!) into the wedding industry after styling my own wedding, only to find a niche in the market. I couldn’t find anyone who was, well, like me, I guess! I’m not sure where it stems from, but I have a strong dislike for ANYTHING corporate! All the big companies I contacted, just didn’t seem to ‘get’ me! I was met with super professional emails, corporate looking invoices and paperwork, blah blah blah! This is the most important day of you life, and you need somebody who cares! Somebody who will be there when you are having a wobble about style or themes. Somebody who gets to know you, puts your mind at ease and yet, still delivers amazingggg service! And sooooo, my mantra was then born – a ‘friendly, fun, personal service with decor that is, Fit for a Princess’!

Now as I mentioned, I couldn’t be a Princess alone, so bribed my three besties (with tiaras and a cuuute uniform!) to come and work with me! So it will either be myself, Nat, Nush or Rach playing the lead Princess role for your day!! You can find out a little more about each of us below…

princess occasions showroom

Take a look at our Showroom!


Meet the Team

Charlotte from Princess Occasions


Business Owner

Favourite princess…Anna

Now this is the part of the website I found most difficult - deciding on my favourite Princess?! I mean, I named my entire business after all of them, how do I pick just one?! However after much research (obviously catching up on allll the Disney films in my pjs with popcorn!) I have decided on…Anna! And all I needed to do was Google.

“Anna is goofy, optimistic, loyal, and a hopeless romantic. She might not have the  elegance of royalty, but she has the pure and loving heart of a true princess. Sweet yet tenacious, Anna is a courageous and determined woman willing to do anything for her sister. Even when no one else will believe in Elsa – even Elsa herself – Anna refuses to give up on her”

I didn’t realise actually how similar we are until reading that! I am fiercely passionate about things I care about, and am extremely determined in everything I do! And as for Anna’s softer characteristics, I love with my whole heart, sometimes getting it wrong, but never giving up! 

Having had over 10 years experience in Retail Merchandising, I have a true passion for making things prettyyyy! My favourite things are tea & cake, coloured candles, cosy blankets and wicker baskets! However, and most importantly of all, I am mummy to Ollie and Maisie Belle (yes, named after Princess Belle!) They are my absolute life. Everything I do is for them. They have shown me the true meaning of love and fairytale magic! I am so lucky to have the best job in the world!



event team

Favourite princess…Snow White

If I had to pick a princess I’m most like, I think it would have to be Snow White. Optimistic and carefree, protective and motherly. Multitalented and resilient are my biggest qualities...unfortunately no dwarves (although my kiddies may be mistaken for a few).

Mummy to 2 princesses and a little prince of my own, is how I met Charlotte (my biggest princess is already counting down the days til she can join us). She would tell me about her work and I was desperate to go along and see. And since then she hasn’t been able to get rid of me! 

I love what we do whether that’s being knee deep in sashes or adding the finishing touches, we do it as a team! The other princesses are the best friends you could have and I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else! x

Nat from Princess Occasions
Nush from Princess Occasions


event team

Favourite princess…Cinderella

When asked what Princess I am most likely to be, Cinderella is her name and this is me..

Cleanliness, as a brush and dustpan is never far behind, striving for perfection each and every time.
Independent. I didn’t think I was but this job has proved me wrong, Independent, self motivated and most of all strong!
Nice, this will always take you far. Always be kind and smile, whoever and wherever you are.
Determined, always wanting to do our best, showing how great we are when we are put to the test.
Entertaining and funny, this is a big thing for me. To be able to be at work and laughing, is always the key.
Routine and punctuality is so important to me. To make sure were always have time for our famous cup of tea!
Everlasting love is what I have for this job and our amazing team. To be part of this journey is truly just a dream.
Lifetime, as this is not just a job, it’s created lifetime friends, looking forward to the future where magic never ends.
Love, as without this we wouldn’t do what we do. And like you, I found my Prince Charming, so relate to each and every one of you.
Achieving so much and looking how far we have come, bringing 3456921 dreams to life, and loving every one!



event team

Favourite princess…Belle

A Princess does not define herself by clothing or make-up, rather by attitude, morals and life choices....

If I had to liken myself to any Disney princess it would most likely be Belle. A free spirited, logical thinker and reader, we share a love of books! Compassionate, patient and kind (who else would put up with Gaston’s advances?!)

Also known for (maybe) being opinionated, speaking my mind, and at the same time extremely loyal and independent, that’s me! 

Mumma to two beautiful grown up ladies and my fur baby, Arthur, I love to cook whenever I can, heavily inspired by my first job as a nanny working for an amazing Italian restauranteur. I’ve known Charlotte for many years, where we first met in our retail careers, and we’ve been through many life experiences ever since!

Currently I am known for my skills with flowers and am often found with my head in the back of a van, knee-deep in ruscus, eucalyptus and a pair of secateurs in my hand!

I absolutely LOVE what I do, helping to bring ideas into reality, and who knows, maybe one day I will meet my very own ‘beast’ :)

Rach from Princess Occasions