Terms and Conditions

Please take time to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions below:

Hired Items / Payment

All bookings are taken on the understanding that the customer has read and accepted all terms and conditions stated.

Everything remains the sole property of Princess Occasions at all times.

Booking invoice is a binding contract between Princess Occasions and the hirer.

Any changes to the invoice after booking can only be made with the discretion of Princess Occasions.

All items are for HIRE only unless otherwise stated.

The hirer is solely responsible for all hired goods for the duration of the hire period and is fully responsible for any injury or damage to either persons or property.

Princess Occasions cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur during the duration on the hire period.

Charges will be applied to any property hired that is damaged or lost. £5 per chair cover, £2 per sash, £20 per candy buffet jar. Full list of charges are available on request.

50% deposit to secure booking. Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Remaining balance is due 8 weeks prior to the event. Failure to pay the final installment on time will result in the booking being cancelled.

All payments to be made via bank transfer or personal cheque. Paypal is only accepted at the discretion of Princess Occasions.

Booking is only secured after the 50% deposit has been received and a booking invoice has been sent to the customer.

In the event of a cancellation, all moneys paid will be lost and remain the property of Princess Occasions.

Chair Covers / Sash / Swags

Colours may vary from that of the picture, due to availability, lighting, camera etc. Colours will be sourced as close to the colour pictured as possible.

Chair covers are Lycra and fit the majority of hotel banqueting chairs.

Princess Occasions cannot be held responsible for ill-fitting covers if your chairs are a particularly distinct shape.

Princess Occasions may use photography taken during the hire period, and is eligible to do so.

DIY chair cover service will be couriered 2/3 days before event.

After event, DIY chair covers must be packaged securely in the same box with the return postage label attached.

Courier will deliver and collect between 7am-7pm. Any missed delivery/collection will incur additional charges. Available on request.

Candy Cart / Buffet

Hirer accepts full responsibility of accepting ingredients/age guidelines of sweets and informing their guests of this information. Full ingredients of all sweets available on request.

Princess Occasions cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused from the consumption of any sweets.

All sweets may have been made in a factory also manufacturing nut products.

Princess Occasions cannot be held responsible for any allergies resulting from nuts or other products.

Sweet variations may vary due to availability.

Approx 100g of sweets per guest – Candy Buffet approx 7.5kg of sweets, Candy Cart approx 10kg of sweets unless agreed otherwise.
Vegetarian Sweet choices are available on request.

The Hirer is fully responsible for ensuring that young children are supervised at all times to avoid choking and to avoid any accidents around glassware.

Princess Occasions cannot be held responsible for any safety issues regarding consumption of sweets or the use of any equipment used.
Any decorative items used remain the sole property of Princess Occasions. Any missing items will be charged to the hirer.