A Princess Showroom…

I am sooo excited to announce that Princess Occasions is now moving into a Princess Castle! Ok, so perhaps not a ‘castle’ per say, but a cuuuute, grade II listed building in the heart of Melton Mowbray, will do just fine! And even better, it coincides with our 5th birthday! What better way to celebrate 5 years of ‘Princess-ing’ than with a brand new, sparkly showroom?! 

Currently, I have all my pretties around my house. And when I say “around my house” that’s exactly what I mean! My fourth bedroom

is full from floor to ceiling, I have a downstairs office (yup, you guessed it, also full!), my downstairs toilet – full, I have sofas and suitcases and trunks in my lounge, dressers in the kitchen, a bureau on the stairs, lanterns in every corner…you get the gist! To not only be able to have everything on display but also get my house back, will be amazinggggg! 

So, rather than having to meet me in little tea rooms (don’t worry, there will still be tea!) you can book an appointment and come see everything in real life! Everything will be on display for you to have a good mooch over! We can even set your table and chairs as they will be on your day and have a play around until we get it just perfect! After you have had a nosey around the showroom, we will go and have a sit down in the gorgeous lounge area, chat through everything (drink more tea!) and create your own styling plan for your day! 

We will be opening our doors for the first time on Thursday 6th July, 7-9pm by invitation only! With only a handful of invitations left, make sure you contact me ASAP for yours! I have the very best local suppliers in the industry providing some of their stunning work! Live entertainment, proseccooooooo, goodie bags and even the mayor is making an appearance! Exciting times! 

But don’t worry, if you can’t make the Thursday, we are having an opening day the very next day, Friday 7th July from 10-2pm so pop along! Failing that, contact me now to book your own private consultation! x

Time for the Fair…

Well, it’s seems as though Winter has finally disappeared (yaaayyyyy!) and it looks like Spring is on its way! Daffodils lining the hedgerows, lambs in my village fields (that my two year Cockapoo tries his damnedest to get to! Obviously I don’t let him!!) and it’s no longer pitch black at 4pm on a Monday evening, whilst I’m battling to get the kids to swimming, because they would rather stay by the fire watching Titanic (their new favourite film…don’t ask!! Am sure it’s a 12 certificate?! My children are 7 and 5??!) in the pouring rain! Life just feels that little better! 

Although the return of Spring in the wedding industry means only one thing; (no, not just the crazy mad rush of prepping summer weddings, that would be farrrrrrr to easy to simply be dealing with that alone!!) but the return of the Wedding Fairs! (dum, dum, dummmmmmmm) *drumroll (obvs!)

I haven’t done many Wedding Fairs in the past, (mainly because I am lucky to get most of my work online and through previous, gorgeoussssss Brides recommendations) but thought this year I would give it a go! Why not?! Plus, it gives me chance to meet you all face to face, and what better way to spend my Sundays, than surrounded by some of the BEST in the industry toooooooo! 

I am very privileged that the lovely EJ, at Buckinghams Wedding Magazines, allowed me to exhibit at three of her Fairs (they are simply FABULOUS!) I have opted for a slight twist on my table, alongside gorgeous, opulent golds and an abundance of foliage, to ensure you can’t miss us!

We still have a couple left before the craziness of Summer begins, so if you haven’t yet, pop down and see us! We will be at;

The Carriage Hall, Plumtree on Sunday 12th March from 11am – 2pm 

Norwood Park, Southwell on Sunday 19th March from 12:30pm – 3:30pm 

Love from Charlotte xx

Say YES to the RS Bridal Dress!

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by the lovely Victoria at RS Bridal, based in Melton Mowbray, asking me to help with their brand new shop launchhhhh! Of course I jumped at the chance! I absolutely adore supporting local businesses, afterall we are all in the same shoes, (RS Bridal shoes?! – I wish!!) and it is lovely to gain new contacts and friendships within the industry! (Plus gave us chance to have a nosey at all their stunning gowns! Myself and one of my ‘Princesses’, Nat, have already chosen our Bridesmaid dresses, just need to find Grooms now!)

Owner, Siobhan wanted to go for simple, yet elegant styling in their beautiful ‘Diamond Suite’. A large, airy room with gorgeous high windows, hugeeeeeeee mirror, pedestal and of course, the most beautiful array of wedding gowns I have ever seen! I therefore decided to dress their chairs with my gorgeous ivory taffeta sashes, complete with, of course, a diamond brooch! I styled my giant LOVE letters in the corner underneath the window and draped sequin runners, to add that extra bit of sparkle!

Launch Day saw lots of lovely local suppliers come show their support, with the Mayor cutting the ribbon on my stunning red carpet!  The fabulous Maison Des Macarons provided the yummiest macarons (I had to taste 5 or 6 just to make sure I liked them!!) whilst fab photographers, Gina Dover Jaques and Rachael Connerton, am sure managed to capture some fab images! (can’t wait to see them!) Was lovely to see EJ from Buckinghams Wedding Magazine there too, especially as we are exhibiting at three of her upcoming wedding fairs! (more about these on upcoming blog posts – very excited!)

So, all that’s left to say, is a huge congratulations to RS BRIDAL COLLECTION and here’s to many years of success at their new shop!

Love from Charlotte x


Let’s go on an Adventure!

“A pinch and a punch”!! “White rabbits”!!! (Ok ok, I’m a day late but in all fairness, was anyone really in any fit state to write a blog post yesterday?! I rest my case!)

Yayyyyy, Happy New Year! And happy January! Literally cannot believe how quickly last year went and can’t believe we are now in 2017?! Where does the time go?! I hope you all had an AMAZING time celebrating and are enjoying your last day, before ‘normal’ life resumes! 

I am back at work on Wednesday (when the little ones are back at school! There would be absolutely no point trying to do anything before then, as my time is consumed with making breakfast, making drinks, making a snack, making lunch, making another drink, making another snack, making dinner…you get the gist!) (as I type this “mummy can you make a den”!)

This is going to be a great year for Princess Occasions, I can just feel it! I have decided to start doing more Wedding Fayres this year, so you will be seeing me around a bit more! I will keep you up to date with dates and venues, so be sure to pop down and say hello! I have some exciting meetings taking place, so watch this space, plus I already have some ABSOLUTE beaut weddings booked that I just cannot wait to get my hands on! I am now taking bookings for 2018/2019 (wowzers!!!!) so contact me with your beautiful proposal stories and let’s get discussing your Princess styling! 

Speak soon! 

Love from Charlotte x

A Princess Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Yayyyy I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, with lots of prezzies, food and drink (mine was predominantly full of the latter!) Oh and of course, I hope Santa visited all your little Prince and Princesses! 

As I am sure was the same in every house, my little girl, Maisie, was awake at 2am, 3am and 5am asking if it “was morning yet”!! So, I politely told her (as polite as a mummy can be at 2am, after drinking my body weight in Prosecco the night before!) that “no babes, (*rascal) not yet, go back to sleep!” Although, I then managed to get a ‘lie in’ until 7:30am, so wasn’t all bad! Wooooo! Bonus! 

Unfortunately, there were no diamonds under my tree this year, (Prince Charming, seriously, where are you?!) instead there were giant unicorns and Barbies and XBox games and Spidermen! But you know what, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! 

Enjoy every single second of the rest of the festivities. Every single second with those you love. Every single second of mess and toys on the floor. After all, that’s what it’s all about!! 

Love from Charlotte x

Making Memories…

As I type this, I am all snuggled in my winter pjs and just finishing my third glass of mulled wine! (wellllll, got to keep in the festive spirit and all that!) 

Having finished work yesterday for 2016, I thought I would write a quick Merry Christmas post to say a hugeeeeeee (almost as huge as my glass of mulled wine!) thank you, to all my gorgeous couples this past year. All 105 of you to be exact! Wow, have I really helped style 105 weddings?! That is just crazzzzzyyyyyyyy! 

What an absolutely AMAZING year it has been for Princess Occasions! I have hit so many milestones that I wanted to hit and it is all thanks to you! I wouldn’t be able to work without you beaut lot putting your faith in me, day after day! My bills wouldn’t get paid, my babies wouldn’t have a lovely house to live in and toys at birthdays/Christmases, so I honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support! And I hope in return, I have provided you with an exceptional level of service and helped make your dream day all the more perfect! 

So, as I am now officially on my Christmas holidays, how else to spend it than making memories with the little ones?! (And trying not to lose my cool as all the excitement is slowly turning them into crazed, hyper lunatics!!) This week we have been to the Panto, as we do every year (ohhhhh yes we do!! – sorry, it had to be done!), had fun in the snow at Tamworth’s SnowDome, been ice skating (I needed the Penguin aid more than they did!) and of course been to visit the big man himself!

All the wrapping is done, turkey is bought and kids are on the nice list (for now, although still another 2 days of threatening them with the naughty list!). I wish everyone an absolutely amazing, princessy Christmas and a wonderful new year! And here’s to whatever wonders 2017 brings us!

Love from Charlotte x 

Introducing Belle…

Since starting the business, I have carried everything (literally!) from the back of my family car! Firstly with the most unreliable Ford Focus known to man (no exaggeration, water used to fill the footwells every time it rained!) to a gorgeous little (ahem, unpractical!) BMW 1 series. The kids have been squished amongst crates and stepladders with boxes on their knees! Friends have held poles over their shoulders, and I had many a near death experience with all my mirrors being hidden under a pile of wedding ‘stuff’.

So therefore, I took the plunge to treat myself (and potentially save my life!!) to my very own Princess work van! Getting rid of the cars, I am now the proud owner of my gorgeous Belle, a Peugeot Partner, brand spanking new, beaut of a van! 

Now obviously as beautiful as she was, she was still just a white van, and myself, a white van girl! (pencil behind my ear and everything!) Belle needed beautifying and there was only ‘Bimbo’ for the job, the wonderful Design by Bimbo! They designed the most stunning van graphics that were then installed by Marc at Eggs on Legs. After a day in Sheffield (such a chore, but of course had to shop whilst waiting?!) and being left in Marc’s capable hands, voila, Belle was complete! 

With an array of stunning peach flowers, charcoal text and logo, you can’t miss me! It also means I have so much more room to transport more pretty’s for all your gorgeous weddings (And 3 seats in the front, so no more sqaushed kiddies! Winning at parenting there too!)

Be sure to wave if you see me!
Love from Charlotte x

A night at the Awards…

Now, if you follow any of my social media (if not, why not?!) you will have seen that I was nominated for a prestigious award! TWIA 2017 Best Venue Stylist East Midlands, for the second year running! Firstly, I have to say what an honour it was to even make it into this category! There were some AMAZING entrants and I was honoured to share this with them! 

So, it’s not everyday you are invited to an awards ceremeony, which meant only one thing…a sparkly new dress of course (and every Princess knows that you can’t wear a new dress without new shoes, new bag and getting your hair (thank you to my lovely friend Andrea!) and nails done?!) After around 4 hours of beautifying, we were ready! (maybe I’m exaggerating, but it takes a long time to get out of my joggers, wash the chicken nugget and chips smell out of my hair and leave ‘mummy mode’ well alone!) I took 2 of my gorgeous besties (aka Princesses!) along for support, who looked stunning! 

The awards night itself was simply fantastic! And a huge well done to The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club, for putting on such a night! Yummy cocktails provided by Beetle Juice, amazing background music by Richie Muir and a fab photobooth by Capturing Memories, all made the night!! 

The awards ceremony itself was buzzing! So much excitement filled the room and it was so lovely to see my friends within the industry win some awards! Special well done to George Simpson and the lovely Lesley at The Rustic Wedding Company! Unfortunately we came home empty handed (it’s fiiiiiine, next year is our year!!!) but that didn’t dampen our spirits in the slightest!! Such a fab night!! All that’s left to say is, watch this space TWIA 2018!! 

Love from Charlotte xx

Summer?! What Summer?!

Oh how I have neglected you, my beautiful, loyal, trusty, Princessy blog! So many things have been happening and I have been meaning to write about each and every one of them but then…well, weddings just got in the way! (Scrumptious weddings however, I must add!)

But now with October hitting, wedding season is finally coming to an end (hallelujahhhhhhhhh!) so I can finally sit down with my wedding magazines and a nice cup of tea in front of the roaring log burner and write all about my wonderful adventures! Bliss! 

Over 45 weddings styled throughout July and August alone, plus a cheeky holiday in the midst of this madness (yep, I am mad! Who takes a summer holiday in the summer in this business?!!) I have the most Princessy, shiny new work van to tell you about, some of my favourite weddings to date, an entry into The National Wedding Industry Awards, a wedding showcase and some gorgeoussssss new uniform! Eeeeeee! It’s certainly been a busy summer at Princess HQ…so keep you eyes peeled for upcoming blog posts about all of this plus more!! But for now, more tea! 

Love from Charlotte x

Summer lovin’..

Wowzers! What an absolutely AMAZING (yet slightly crazy!) summer it has been! 

I promised myself last year than I would limit the amount of weddings I take on this summer! Spend some time with the kiddies, enjoy some lie ins, get out in the garden in my bikini and enjoy endless day trips and Bbqs and Prosecco…

Did this happen?! Did it heck! 

I think it is now safe to say now that this isn’t just my ‘work’ but that I am actually obsessed with weddings! So much so, that I actually find it impossible to turn Brides away! My mind starts going crazy to quirky styling ideas and before I know, I had 45 weddings booked in over the Summer! (Eeeeeeek!) Yes, I had around 20 in my head, however somehow creeped up to 45! Ooooops, sorry kids! 

But what a 45 they were! Some of my favourites yet! September is still to see some more stunning styling so keep your eyes peeled, but for now, a few snippets from a beautttttt summer! 

Love from Charlotte x